Legends of the World

By | 24 December 2017

Legends of the World Legends Are Stories That Spring From The Collective Consciousness Of A People No One Writer Ever Invented The Adventures Of Robin Hood, The Fanciful Tales Of The Buddha S Childhood, Or The Exploits Of The Aboriginal Outlaw Yagan Although Legends Have Their Roots In Undefined History, And Are Shaped By Constant Telling And Retelling, They Become Legends Only After The Facts Have Been Transformed By The Popular Imagination, When Real People Become Magical Beasts, Demons, Or Men With Supernatural PowersHere The Most Important, Most Popular, And Most Curious Legends From Each Of The Five Continents, And From Sophisticated And Primitive Cultures Alike, Have Been Chosen By Thirty Four Experts These Writers Relate The Cultural Context Of Each Legend The Authors Also Describe The Effects These Stories Had On The People Who First Heard Them, And They Trace, Where Appropriate, The Legends Distant Origins In Recorded Events And Characters A Comparative Survey Charts The Recurring Themes And Motifs, Providing A Fascinating View Of How The Same Legend, With Minor Variations, Appears In Many Different Parts Of The World

  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • 9781566194624
  • Legends of the World
  • Richard Cavendish
  • English
  • 24 December 2017