Scientific Knowledge

By | 15 September 2017

Scientific Knowledge Containing Readings Reflecting The Dynamism Of The Field, This Book Provides Readers With The Most Current And Relevant Readings Available On Issues In The Philosophy Of Science All Of The Readings Have Been Selected Based On Their Clarity And Coverage Of The Prevailing Debates In The Philosophy Of Science From Logical Positivism To Anit Realism The Book Assumes No Specialized Training In Formal Logic Or Scientific Methods And Therefore Can Be Appreciated By A Wide Range Of ReadersContents Alternative Approaches To The Philosophy Of Science By Ernan McMullinStudies In The Logic Of Explanation By Carl Hempel And Paul OppenheimStatistical Explanation By Carl HempelWhy Ask, Why An Inquiry Concerning Scientific Explanation By Wesley SalmonPragmatics Of Explanation By Bas Van FraassenScientific Theories And Their Domains By Dudley ShaperePrograms In The Explanation Of Behavior By Robert CumminsIdeals Of Natural Order By Stephen ToulminConfirmation Of Laws And Theories By Rudolf CarnapScience Conjecture And Refutations By Karl PopperPhysical Theory And Experiement By Pierre DuhemFalsification And The Methodology Of Scientific Research Programmes By Imre LakatosObjectivity, Value Judgment, And Theory Choice By Thomas KuhnTesting Theoretical Hypotheses By Ronald GiereThe Rationality Of Scientific Revolutions By Karl PopperThe Function Of Dogma In Scientific Research By Thoman KuhnThe Nature And Necessity Of Scientific Revolutions By Thomas KuhnDissecting The Holist Picture Of Scientific Change By Larry LaudanUnity Of Science As A Working Hypothesis By Paul Oppenheim And Hilary PutnamPlurality Of Science By Patrick SuppesUnity And Method In Contemporary Science By Dudley ShapereArguments Concerning Scientific Realism By Bas Van FraassenAnd Not Ani Realism Either By Arthur FineRealism And The Instrumentalism In Pre Newtonian Astronomy By Michael GardnerExperimentation And Scientific Realism By Ian Hacking

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  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Janet A. Kourany
  • English
  • 15 September 2017