Power From On High

By | 06 November 2018

Power From On High What Does The Bible Say About That Have You Ever Been Asked This Question Or Wondered For Yourself Obviously, There Are Situations That Are Not Directly Addressed In The Bible Because Of Societal Changes, Culture, And Technology Yet, If The Bible Is The Ultimate Authority On Life And Relationships, It Is The Essential Source Of Information That Will Impact Everyday DecisionsCollege Press Publishing Company Is Fully Committed To Equipping Our Readers With The Resources Needed To Understand And Utilize The Bible In Spiritual And Practical Ways The What The Bible Says Series Provides The Tools Needed For Concentrated And Meaningful Bible StudyThe Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit Is A Neglected Study In Many Churches Some Christians Think That The Subject Is So Deep And Mysterious That It Is Futile To Study It Others Hesitate To Emphasize The Study Of The Holy Spirit Since Some Religious Groups Hold Such Extreme Views Regarding Him Still, It Is Encouraging To See Many Christians Making A Serious Study Of The Bible S Teaching On The Holy Spirit Dr Jack Cottrell, With His Leave No Stone Unturned Approach To Studying Scripture Has Completed The Research For Us As He Examines The Many Concepts And Characteristics Of The Holy Spirit

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  • Power From On High
  • Jack Cottrell
  • 06 November 2018