The Development of Ethics, Volume 1

By | 16 November 2017

The Development of Ethics, Volume 1 The Development Of Ethics Is A Selective Historical And Critical Study Of Moral Philosophy In The Socratic Tradition, With Special Attention To Aristotelian Naturalism, Its Formation, Elaboration, Criticism, And Defence It Discusses The Main Topics Of Moral Philosophy As They Have Developed Historically, Including The Human Good, Human Nature, Justice, Friendship, And Morality The Methods Of Moral Inquiry The Virtues And Their Connexions Will, Freedom, And Responsibility Reason And Emotion Relativism, Subjectivism, And Realism The Theological Aspect Of Morality This Volume Examines Ancient And Medieval Philosophy Up To The Sixteenth Century Volumes 2 And 3 Will Continue The Story Up To Rawls S Theory Of Justice.The Present Volume Begins With Socrates, The Cyrenaics And Cynics, And Plato, And Then Offers A Fuller Account Of Aristotle, Stressing The Systematic Naturalism Of His Position The Stoic Position Is Compared With The Aristotelian At Some Length Epicureans And Sceptics Are Discussed Briefly Chapters On Early Christianity And On Augustine Introduce A Fuller Examination Of Aquinas Revision, Elaboration, And Defence Of Aristotelian Naturalism The Volume Closes With An Account Of Some Criticisms Of The Aristotelian Outlook By Scotus, Ockham, Machiavelli, And Some Sixteenth Century Reformers.The Emphasis Of The Book Is Not Purely Descriptive, Narrative, Or Exegetical, But Also Philosophical Irwin Discusses The Comparative Merits Of Different Views, The Difficulties That They Raise, And How Some Of The Difficulties Might Be Resolved The Book Tries To Present The Leading Moral Philosophers Of The Past As Participants In A Rational Discussion That Is Still Being Carried On, And Tries To Help The Reader To Participate In This Discussion.

  • Hardcover
  • 812 pages
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  • The Development of Ethics, Volume 1
  • Terence Irwin
  • 16 November 2017