Unti nonfiction on Paul LaRoux

By | 23 December 2018

Unti nonfiction on Paul LaRoux With A Foreword By Four Time Oscar Nominated Filmmaker Michael MannThe Story Of Paul LeRoux, The Twisted Genius Entrepreneur And Cold Blooded Killer Who Brought Revolutionary Innovation To International Crime, And The Exclusive Inside Story Of How The DEA S Elite, Secretive 960 Group Brought Him Down.Paul LeRoux Was Born In Zimbabwe And Raised In South Africa After A First Career As A Pioneering Cybersecurity Entrepreneur, He Plunged Hellbent Into The Dark Side, Using His Extraordinary Talents To Develop A Disruptive New Business Model For Transnational Organized Crime Along The Way He Created A Mercenary Force Of Ex U.S And NATO Sharpshooters To Carry Out Contract Murders For His Own Pleasure And Profit The Criminal Empire He Built Was Cartel 4.0, Utilizing The Gig Economy And The Tools Of The Digital Age Encrypted Mobile Devices, Cloud Sharing And Novel Money Laundering Techniques LeRoux S Businesses, Cyber Linked By His Own Dark Worldwide Web, Stretched From Southeast Asia Across The Middle East And Africa To Brazil They Generated Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Sales Of Arms, Drugs, Chemicals, Bombs, Missile Technology And Murder He Dealt With Rogue Nations Iran And North Korea As Well As The Chinese Triads, Somali Pirates, Serb Mafia, Outlaw Bikers, Militants, Corrupt African And Asian Officials And Coup Plotters.Initially, LeRoux Appeared As A Ghost Image On Law Enforcement And Intelligence Radar, An Inexplicable Presence In The Middle Of A Variety Of Criminal Endeavors He Was Netflix To Blockbuster, Spotify To Tower Records A Bold Disruptor, His Methods Brought International Crime Into The Age Of Innovation, Making His Operations Barely Detectable And LeRoux Nearly Invisible But He Gained The Attention Of A Small Band Of Bold, Unorthodox DEA Agents, Whose Brief Was Tracking Down Drugs And Arms Trafficking Kingpins Who Contributed To War And Global Instability The 960 Group, An Element Of The DEA S Special Operations Division, Had Launched Some Of The Most Complex, Coordinated And Dangerous Operations In The Agency S History They Used Unorthodox Methods And Undercover Informants To Penetrate LeRoux S Inner Circle And Bring Him Down For Five Years Elaine Shannon Immersed Herself In LeRoux S Shadowy World She Gained Exclusive Access To The Agents And Players, Including Undercover Operatives Who Looked LeRoux In The Eye On A Daily Basis Shannon Takes Us On A Shocking Tour Of This Dark Frontier, Going Deep Into The Operations And The Mind Of A Singularly Visionary And Frightening Figure Escobar And Victor Bout Along With The Innovative Vision Of Steve Jobs Rolled Into One She Puts You In The Room With These People And Their Moment To Moment Encounters, Jeopardy, Frustration, Anger And Small Victories, Creating A Narrative With A Breath Taking Edge, Immediacy And A Stranger Than Fiction Reality.Remarkable, Disturbing, And Utterly Engrossing, Hunting LeRoux Introduces A New Breed Of Criminal Spawned By The Savage, Greed Exalting Underside Of The Age Of Innovation And A New Kind Of True Crime Story It Is A Look Into The Future A Future That Is Dark.

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  • Unti nonfiction on Paul LaRoux
  • Elaine Shannon
  • 23 December 2018