Taboo Tattoo, Vol. 12

By | 08 April 2017

Taboo Tattoo, Vol. 12 It All Comes Down To This Seigi, Master Of The Keyless Spell Crest, Heads Deeper Into The Ruins Site At The South Pole In Search Of Princess Aryabhata But Before He Can Take On The Ultimate Evil In Their Final Battle, He Has To Save His Friends From This Hellhole First Harsha Is Laying Waste To Whomever She Finds, Friend And Foe Alike How Will Seigi Defeat Someone Who S Nigh Unstoppable

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • 9781975300548
  • Taboo Tattoo, Vol. 12
  • Shinjiro
  • 08 April 2017