Soul Conversations

By | 13 October 2018

Soul Conversations Written By Spiritual Medium Austyn Wells, Soul Conversations I Reveals How You Can Tap Into Your Soul S Wisdom, Connect With The Universe, And Communicate With Loved Ones And Guides In The Spirit World Drawing On The Author S Extensive Training And Experience, You Ll Learn How To Develop Intuition, Cultivate Your Soul Senses, And Create A Personal Spirituality That Interweaves The Invisible World With The Everyday Fabric Of Your LifeWe Are All Connected To Each Other And To An Infinite Intelligence That Some Call Spirit, Source, Universe, Or God To Come To The Understanding That We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience, We Must Reacquaint Ourselves With Our Very Essence, Or Soul This Book Invites You To Embark On That Magical Journey And Explore The Eternity Of The Universe Within Each Of Us Soul Conversations Is The First Guide To Offer Practical Tools Based In Grief Counseling, Spirit Communication, Hypnotherapy And Regression, Indigenous Medicine, And Energy Exercises To Help You Align Your Everyday Thoughts And Actions With Your Deepest Wisdom For A Soul Centered Life Drawing On The Author S Extensive Training And Experience Including Training In Shamanism, As Well As Years Of Working With Other Souls Seeking Similar Illumination This Book Will Help You Explore The Illusions And Truths Of Self, And Honor The Oneness Of Dark And LightDiscover The Soul Senses And How They Connect You To Universe And Spirit WorldExplore Soul To Soul Communication With Loved Ones, Animals, And Spirit GuidesStrengthen Your Connection To Nature And With Divine GuidanceDeepen Your Soul Presence In Self Care And RelationshipsAnd Much With The Meditations, Activities, And Experiments In This Unique Guide, You Ll Create A Bridge To The Invisible World And Move Toward Living A Authentic, Soul Fulfilling, Spiritual Life

  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • 9781684031849
  • Soul Conversations
  • Austyn Wells
  • English
  • 13 October 2018