The Anxiety Guided Journal for Teens

By | 16 August 2018

The Anxiety Guided Journal for Teens Write Down Your Anxious Thoughts So You Can Get Back To Living Your Life In This First Of Its Kind Guided Journal For Teens, Author Lisa Schab Offers A Creative Space To Help You Work Through Your Worry And Anxiety Using Fun, Engaging, And Action Oriented Prompts.If You Re Like Many Teens, You Probably Feel Anxious Some Of The Time Friends And Relationships, Getting Good Grades, Peer Pressure, And Fitting In Can All Cause Us To Feel Worried But What If, Instead Of Giving In To The Endless Cycle Of Anxious Thoughts, You Could Put Them Somewhere Safe And Get Back To Doing The Things That Make You Happy That S What This Journal Is For.Within Its Pages, You Ll Find 100 Writing And Action Oriented Prompts To Help You Release Anxious And Negative Thoughts From Your Mind And Body, And Change The Thinking Habits That Feed Your Anxiety Most Importantly, You Ll Find A Safe Space To Write And Act Without Rules Your Only Real Guideline Is To Write For Yourself So, What Are You Waiting For

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • 9781684032143
  • The Anxiety Guided Journal for Teens
  • Lisa M. Schab
  • 16 August 2018