Doctors in Gray: The Confederate Medical Service

H H Cunningham s Doctors in Gray remains the definitive work on the medical history of the Confederate army Drawing on a prodigious array of sources, Cunningham paints as complete a picture as possible of the daunting task facing those charged with caring for the war s wounded and sick Of the

Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain is a novel about a soldier s perilous journey back to his beloved near the Civil War s end At once a love story a harrowing account of one man s long walk home, Cold Mountain introduces a new talent in American literature Based on local history family stories passed down by

One of Jackson's Foot Cavalry

Excerpt from One of Jackson s Foot Cavalry His Experience and What He Saw During the War 1861 1865 In writing my experience and what I saw during the war as one of Jackson s foot cavalry, it is not my in tention to make a comparison of commands, but simply to state what was seen and experienced by

Word of Honor (Shadowcreek Chronicles #1)

In the summer of 1862, the War Between the States raged through Northern Virginia The powers of loyalty and survival draw Salina Hastings into the service of a network of civilian spies organized by her father, a Confederate captain and spy With distinctive historical accuracy based on years of

Clouds of Glory: The Life and Legend of Robert E. Lee

New York Times bestselling author Michael Korda s fresh, contemporary single volume historical biography of General Robert E Lee perhaps the most famous and least understood legend in American history and one of our most admired heroes Michael Korda, author of Ulysses S Grant and the bestsellers

Devil's Dream

From the author of All Souls Rising which The Washington Post called A serious historical novel that reads like a dream, comes a powerful new novel about Nathan Bedford Forrest, the most reviled, celebrated, and legendary, of Civil War generals With the same eloquence, dramatic energy, and grasp

Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War

In this brilliant biography T J Stiles offers a new understanding of the legendary outlaw Jesse James Although he has often been portrayed as a Robin Hood of the old west, in this ground breaking work Stiles places James within the context of the bloody conflicts of the Civil War to reveal a much

Rhett Butler's People

Fully authorized by the Margaret Mitchell estate, Rhett Butler s People is the astonishing and long awaited novel that parallels the Great American Novel, Gone With The Wind Twelve years in the making, the publication of Rhett Butler s People marks a major and historic cultural event Through the

With This Pledge (Carnton, #1)

On the night of November 30, 1864, a brutal battle in Franklin, Tennessee, all but decimates the Confederacy and nearly kills Captain Roland Ward Jones A decorated Mississippi sharpshooter, Jones has a vision on the battlefield and, despite the severity of his wounds, believes his life will be